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You know when you’re scrolling through social media and you see all those influencers who are getting followers like crazy, engagement that’s off the charts, and brand deals you can’t even begin to fathom…

🤔 meanwhile, you’re wondering what to even post next

😩 video has got you stressed and overwhelmed

🤨 figuring out how to monetize your social media? Fahgetaboutit…

I mean, when does it end?

Ummmm, today, actually!

Our course, Influence, is your place to learn EVERYTHING (and we mean erethang…) you need to build a thriving influencing business. Inside, you’ll get comprehensive units on:

💡 The framework for influencing as a business and how to become a triple threat influencer brands want to work with.

✨ My personal branding strategy that will set you apart from the crowd, cultivate an engaged audience, and better align you with potential partnerships.

📈 The two types of content you should be creating to strengthen your following and grow faster than you ever have before.

🎥 A complete video blueprint for concepting, shooting, and editing viral videos.

🌊 How to leverage TikTok so you can be at the forefront of a powerful new wave of social media.

💸 5 different ways influencers make money so you can position yourself strategically and confidently pitch your way to a profitable career.

✍️ PLUS: An Editable Workbook to help you organize all your new knowledge, take notes, and never miss a thing.

It’s like going to college. But for influencing. 🤓

JUST ONE THING…this week is your *last chance* to get Influence at the low intro price of just $470 — before it gets bumped up to $570 next Wednesday @ midnight EST!

So while those influencers you’re seeing on your FYP and all over IG may seem to have it all…

The truth is, they’re just like you. They just have a lil’ extra know-how.

Know-how that I can’t wait to share with you inside this course. :)




P.S. Oh, and to sweeten the pot even more (because, why not!?), we decided to extend the bonus of 3 FREE months of The Growth Collective until Monday @ midnight EST! So make sure to enroll in Influence before the deadline to get in on the action.