Dear People Living for the Weekend: WTF?

September 21, 2022

It’s been two years since I made the decision to give the middle finger to “settling” and “doing things the normal way.” And maybe it sounds crazy to everybody else, but I actually still love my job.

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Here’s an actual, real-life text I received:

“Slow down there jethro, everybody still loves their job on week two.”

Well, that joke didn’t age well.

It’s been two years since I made the decision to give the middle finger to “settling” and “doing things the normal way.” And maybe it sounds crazy to everybody else, but I actually still love my job.

In fact, to be honest, the joke really didn’t land in the first place.

When I got that text, I had a tiny moment of panic: would I really hate this after a while? Would I eventually succumb to feeling like my work was meaningless and watching the clock until it hit 5 pm, or — even worse: counting down the weekdays until Friday arrives and I can finally start living for a few days until it’s back to the grindstone? Like, damn, is hating your life just inevitable?

But then I realized that was RIDICULOUS.

Unfortunately, some people have submitted to the lie that we must chain ourselves to a computer all day, slaving away making a pittance in order to have enough money to buy ourselves enough booze and food on the weekends to drown out our frustrations and sorrows. That we must answer to “higher-ups” who have no idea what they’re doing and shouldn’t be in charge. That you have to spend a thousand miserable hours just to get a few decent ones.

However, I have not submitted to that lie, and would much rather take a risk in order to be content ALL the time instead of just two out of seven days of the week.

Because job security is absurdly overrated.

And that’s why people submit themselves to miserable jobs, isn’t it? For security?

The truth is, no one actually has job security. And if they think they do, they’re lying to themselves. In our fast-paced world, there’s no such thing as working for one company your whole life. People get fired, hired, laid off, and all manner of things along the way.

So if there’s no such thing as job security, then why go in for the mentally, emotionally, and soul-draining job that you hate?

Instead of valuing stability so highly, how about we start valuing other things like personal well-being and financial freedom? Putting your guts and grit into a project that really means something to you and making every single day of your life beautiful and new and enjoyable?

How about we give up on “job security” and the idea that we need to rely on a corporate Mommy-figure to take care of us, and instead become self-reliant and capable enough to know that “security” really comes from within?

Because frankly, I trust myself to pick up the pieces if things go south more than I trust any corporation.

I know I won’t ever hate my job. Because I can always pivot and improve it and make it new.

My job is something I’m creating every day. It’s constantly changing.

So to the people living for the weekend…


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