Stop Accepting the Bare-f*ck-minimum

September 16, 2022

Because the truth is, a lot of us settle for less. Less than what we really want. Less than we deserve. Less than the bare-fuck-minimun. 

I'm grace!

As a creative writer and a freelancer, I've decided that having a successful career shouldn't have to mean soulless office cubicles and timed coffee breaks. Join me on my journey to live with more moxie and freedom.


I don’t know about all this manifestation, time-line-jumping, “woo-woo” stuff that’s supposed to help you make 6-figures, attract the man of your dreams, and turn you into a certified goddess (I mean, how great would it be if that stuff WORKED?)…but I do know about the transformative, magical properties of simply raising your standards. 

Because the truth is, a lot of us settle for less. Less than what we really want. Less than we deserve. Less than the bare-fuck-minimun. 

We accept sub-par because it’s easy. It’s so easy! It’s so incredibly easy.

Sub-par means we don’t have to ruffle any feathers. It means we don’t have to go about the process of making tough decisions. It means we don’t have to put in the work to change our own lives, hurtle ourselves in a new and possibly dangerous new direction, or have even a slightly uncomfortable conversation with another person. 

But the fastest way I know to get what you want? What you really really want??? (I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…)

It’s not to play it safe or work on things quietly in the background of your life. It’s not to keep accepting “almost.” And it’s certainly not to keep being “grateful for what you have.” BARF.

It’s to get decidedly ungrateful. Unhappy. Unsatisfied. Un-freaking-happy. 

And then raise your standards and stop accepting anything less. 

It’s your life, so you set the win-condition. You set the bar. If something doesn’t pass? YOU pass. If something doesn’t check the boxes? YOU check it out the door. (Did that metaphor work? Eh…).

Ruffle the feathers. Make the dangerous decision. Put in the work. Have an uncomfortable conversation with another person. 

Because on the other side of all that hard stuff? That’s where a stronger you awaits. And that stronger you is getting all kinds of amazing things coming her way simply because she won’t settle for anything less than that. 

Because she’s left bare-fuck-minimum behind in the dust. 

Because she wasn’t grateful for things that were, quite frankly, super disappointing. 

Because she raised her standards, and stuck to them. 

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