13 Questions I Ask While Writing Copy

September 16, 2022

So I’ve compiled a list of all the Q’s I think about when writing copy. This goes for websites, sales pages, ads, emails…you name it.

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When I sit down to write some copy for a client, a bunch of different questions race through my head at any given moment.

Did I remember to add that thing they wanted? Does this sound like the client? Should I use an ellipsis or an m-dash here? Is this pun going too far?

But there are some questions that are more important than others. And those are the questions I make sure I ask myself.

So I’ve compiled a list of all the Q’s I think about when writing copy. This goes for websites, sales pages, ads, emails…you name it. Make sure you’re answering these questions when you’re writing and I promise it won’t steer you wrong. Let’s meet the questions, shall we!?

  1. Who is the ideal customer? Aka, the person who will be READING the copy. What are some interesting details about them (favorite drink, what they do on weekends, what side of TikTok they’re on, etc.)? Use this information in the copy!
  2. What does the ideal customer really want? What would make them go “OH, YEAH I NEED THAT!”? Once you know what it is, put it in the copy!
  3. What problem does the ideal customer have? What void is currently in their life that needs to be filled? (PRO TIP: think of a concrete problem like ‘they’re not making enough money’ and a more abstract problem like ‘they don’t feel fulfilled.’)
  4. How can I incorporate the word “YOU”? You is extremely powerful. Use with reckless abandon.
  5. How can I stop talking about the offer and start talking about the customer? Focus on benefits before features.
  6. What exactly is this product or service? But that doesn’t mean forget all about features! They are important too.
  7. What transformation can someone expect to go through when they buy? How will they have changed? How will they have improved? Will they finally have enough money? Will they finally feel fulfilled?
  8. What is the most exciting thing about this product or service? What makes it unique? Why buy this over a competitor’s?
  9. How can I give the reader value right now? Can I give them a little tip or maybe make them feel seen?
  10. Have I included all the important information? Don’t forget the important stuff like dates, prices, discounts, bonuses, timelines, etc.! If they don’t know how to buy from you, they won’t.
  11. Have I made all the important information OBVIOUS AS FRICK? No one should be asking when a deal ends. No one should be asking how much something costs. It should be obvious.
  12. Have I made it obvious what the ideal customer should do next? Is the call to action clear? Is it concise? Does it make sense?
  13. Is there a simpler way to say this? Distill everything down to its most basic parts.

Try answering these questions next time you have some copy to write and see if it makes your words more clear, more concise, and more persuasive. 

Oh, and one last question to ask yourself:

Is there a way to make what I’m writing more fun to read?

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